We are the preferred general contractor for designing and building trade fairs and exhibitions in Mexico. We have a dedicated and experienced team, and we develop your exhibition taking care of the minimal details so you can focus on the most important issue: taking care of the exhibitor companies and build, together with them, a long-lasting relationship.

At CONMASA we offer you peace of mind and safety for the completion of your exhibition, congress, trade fair or event. We provide a closed supervision to comply with the times and objectives you need.

List of Services

Technical Advice

To the organizer: prior to the event we offer to our customers all the technical support to help you foreseen any contingency, last-minute changes, services’ coordination, regulations’ supervision and work approvals.

To the exhibitor: At CONMASA we have trained personnel to fulfill and provide personalized follow-up to all your needs, no matter if you are the organizer or one of the exhibitors. We can provide advice before the exhibition, during the exposition (assembly, event and disassembly), and straight from the service desk located at each fair or exhibition.

Our services include quotes, invoicing, and collection & payments received by check, cash and any major credit cards, both in Mexican pesos and US dollars.

Consulting and plans

At CONMASA we have an updated data base with the most important fair and exhibition grounds both in Mexico and abroad.

We offer an efficient planning on booth distribution, maximum use of the space on points of sale and specialized technical assistance since the beginning of each project.

We have a solid team of professionals belonging to the areas of design, architecture and civil engineering, who will develop any plans you might need.

Walls and canopies

At CONMASA we develop SISTEMA SCH®, an exclusive, practical and durable modular system made of aluminum profiles and panels with great strength, stability and isolation. Our SISTEMA SCH® allows us to build on a record time, flawless booths, whose connectors will be perfectly aligned. We have panels measuring up to five meters and in different colors.

We also have ledges (canopies) from different lengths, to adapt ourselves to the size of your stand. We have enough inventory to build up to 3,000 booths of different designs, sizes, colors and heights.

Besides, we also have traditional wood panels, with no aluminum profiles, which can be used as wood walls for art exhibits, for example. We have enough wood panels to build a distance equivalent to 50 soccer football fields.

Carpets and flooring

At CONMASA we have a broad inventory of carpets and wood planks to provide with the ideal cover you need for the floor during the exhibition.

Pavilions and auditoriums

At CONMASA we design and built pavilions for exterior areas, metallic pavilions, carps and structures. We adapt ourselves to the site, needs and requirements you might have.

Electricity and lighting

At CONMASA we have a great technical capacity for the distribution of electrical power. We have all types of electric installations, from power and electrical outlets to lamps in different styles, to meet the needs of your exhibition.


Every exhibition is different from others, and thus, requires specific furniture. CONMASA offers you more than 5,000 pieces of furniture from 100 different styles.

Depending on your needs you can choose from the catalogue among desks, tables, chairs, chests, libraries, shelfs, refrigerators, decorative plants, meeting rooms, décor and anything your exhibition might require.

Booths assembly

We provide personal assistance so your assemblies on fair grounds or even on exterior sites will be both innovative and creative.

We have an ample variety of constructive systems, according to the needs of your company.

Printing and signage

We offer the service of printing and signage for your projects. We deliver on time and exactly as you requested!


Together with CUSTOM DISPLAY, a sister company from Grupo SCH, we offer advice, design, production and assembly of booths, pavilions and corporate events according to the needs of your brand.


At CONMASA we have the certifications needed to support our actions and commitment with the environment.

At our warehouses and offices we have recycling programs for used water, paper and wood; we use special filters on painting rooms, we have installed energy saving lamps; we avoid the use of paper, we sort and recycle garbage; we keep our transportation fleet in good condition avoiding the emission of pollutant gases; and we have permeable finishing on our warehouses floors to enable the replenishment of the water mantle, among many other actions.